Marine Stewardship Council - Fisheries Announcements: Barents Sea cod and Barents Sea haddock - Fishery certified

November 24, 2010 15:07

The 15 working day period during which parties could have lodged an intent to object to the Certification Body, Food Certification International Ltd, determination that the Barents Sea cod and Barents Sea haddock fishery should be certified closed on 16th November 2010. No objections were received and the determination therefore holds, reports ( with reference to MSC.

The new certificate will be in effect for 5 years, contingent on the fishery successfully completing annual audits of its status against the MSC standard.

The MSC ecolabel may now be applied to catches taken from this fishery after the agreed eligibility date of 27th February 2010. by those companies with appropriate Chain of Custody certification in place.

More information from:
Marine Stewardship Council
Mountbarrow House, 6-20 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9RB, United Kingdom
Office: + 44 (0) 20 7811 3300, fax: + 44 (0) 20 7811 3301

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