Marine Harvest reports good progress on Russian market

September 7, 2010 14:26

Marine Harvest reported good trading results on Russian seafood market in 2009 - 2010, reports with reference to Marine Harvest.

In 2009 EU and USA took the leading positions in terms of global distribution with Russian salmon market ranking third as an importer with 71,000 tonnes supplied, an increase of 5% in comparison with the previous year.

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) on the Russian market amounted to 16.2% with the market share growing from more than 5% in 2009 to more than 6% in the year 2010.

Russian market has been characterized by strong demand growth for Atlantic salmon and other fat fish species. Accessibily for salmon improved in the recent years as global retailers have been expanding shipments to Russia.

Consumed volume of salmon in Russia increased from 70,000 tonnes of head-on, gutted products in 2008 to almost 80,000 tonnes in the current year.

Notably, increased wild catch consumption and export to Russia has not been interfering with increased farmed salmon consumption.

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