Marine Harvest: Compalsory Acquisition of Small Shareholdings

June 14, 2011 10:28

On 14 February 2011 Marine Harvest ASA made a voluntary offer to the company's shareholders that owned less than 1,000 shares as per 8 February 2011, reports with reference to Marine Harvest.

The offer price was NOK 6.9837 and the acceptance period expired on 28 February 2011. The offer included a notice that Marine Harvest ASA intended to apply to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for permission to carry out a compulsory acquisition of shares owned by shareholders whose shares have a total value of up to NOK 500. This would not apply to shareholders that increased their shareholding prior to the date of a possible compulsory acquisition so that the total value exceeds NOK 500.
Marine Harvest ASA has now received permission from the Ministry of Trade and Finance to carry out such compulsory acquisition.
The company's board of directors has discussed the question and resolved to carry out the compulsory acquisition as announced in connection with the voluntary offer. The offered price is NOK 6.1837, corresponding to the offered price in the voluntary offer, but adjusted for a dividend payment of NOK 0.80 per share that was resolved at the ordinary general meeting held on 9 May 2011, and disbursed on 20 May 2011. Enclosed is a copy of the letter that will be sent to all affected shareholders whose addresses are known.

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