Marel: Training- An investment that pays

June 24, 2010 11:35

Installation of the largest and most advanced processing line ever assembled in Iceland was completed at the beginning of the year at HB Grandi's plant in Reykjavik, the largest ground fish processing plant in Iceland, reports with reference to Marel.

HB Grandi has placed a great deal of emphasis on training courses for employees in the past couple of years. And in preparation for working with the new line, many of HB Grandi's staff took part in training courses offered by Marel. The goal was to motivate staff and prepare them for the changes in working procedures to ensure that the system would bring highest possible efficiency right from day 1 of the installation.

"We sent our maintenance department, QC operators, management staff and some persons from marketing department. In addition to that, Marel conducted a half-day training session for all the employees here in the plant, which was extremely beneficial," says Hrolfsson.

The courses were held in both Icelandic and English language and lasted from 4 hours to 2 days. They included a general introduction of the new line and the Innova software system, information on how to identify errors, technical service of the line, quality control and much more.

"It really pays to have your people trained. They were much quicker to adapt to the new line and that showed very quickly in the production. There's no question that it's an investment that pays." - Dadi Hrolfsson, Plant Supervisor.

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