Marel: fixed-weight batching

September 13, 2010 14:37

It is important for food processors to keep giveaway as low as possible when packing their products, yet ensuring an exact target weight to be delivered to the customers, reports with reference to Marel.
Target Batcher - flexibility

The Target Batcher is a unique weighing machine that combines a predetermined number of fresh or frozen products into a package with an exact weight.

Maximum batch size: 2 kg
Throughput: up to 30 batches per minute depending on product type and batch size
Accurate fixed-weight batches - minimal giveaway
Increased throughput - greater efficiency
Equally suitable for small or large packages
Easy to clean

Speed Batcher - bulk packing

The Speed Batcher system can create batches at very high speed. The Speed Batcher automatically weighs food products into sub-weights that are then selectively combined to form the optimal batch weight.

Maximum batch size: 30 kg
Throughput: up to 23 batches per minute depending on batch size
Reduced giveaway combined with great accuracy
Automatic weighing and registration of all packs
Easy to operate thanks to the user-friendly M3000 graphic indicator
Easy access for cleaning, ensuring excellent hygiene

Multihead Weigher - retail packing

The Multihead Weigher deals with all infeed, mixing and weighing requirements. It automatically portions and packs food products into virtually any kind of tray, thermo pack, bag or box.

Maximum batch size: 25 kg
Throughput: up to 160 batches per minute depending on product type and batch size
Specially designed to deal with wet and sticky food products
Low maintenance costs - self-adjustment technology
Very hygienic
Extremely low giveaway
Up to 3 years warranty on part

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