Marel features something for everyone at SPE

March 28, 2011 10:34

Processors of all sizes and from all sectors will find something of interest at Stand 6227, Hall 4, at this year's Seafood Processing Europe (SPE), as Marel showcases equipment and systems ranging from advanced salmon and whitefish processing solutions to economic, labour-saving solutions for tilapia and pangasius processing, reports with reference to Marel.

Spanning the complete processing spectrum on-board and ashore, Marel will showcase a wide range of standalone equipment and fully integrated systems designed for use in processing wild and farmed salmon, whitefish and pelagic fish, as well as high-intensity farmed fish, such as tilapia and pangasius.

Ranging from basic manual systems to the most advanced fully automatic solutions available on the market today, the equipment featured will cover everything from receiving, filleting, portioning and packing to end-of-line operations and dispatch, all aimed at helping processors maximise yields, throughput and quality, while reducing processing times and labour costs.

Among the highlights of this year's show will be the launch of a new Marel advanced salmon filleting machine, the MS 2730. Incorporating some great new features, the MS 2730 is capable of filleting up to 25 salmon per minute, and comes complete with automatic adjustment for a variety of fish sizes.

Also showcased will be the company's Geba series of high-speed, high-precision multi-angle fresh salmon slicers, an innovative vacuum pinboner, highly flexible and economic I-Cut portion cutters, the Marel Target Batcher, which selects the best combination of products for packing in a fraction of a second to significantly reduce product overpacking, and M-Pack flexible packing solutions.

On display will also be the Super Flow Easy Clean tunnel freezer. Estimated to reduce overall freezing costs by at least 15%, the unit is specially designed for freezing of small products, shrimps, fish fillets, fragile products, and products placed on trays.

Last but not least, the company will feature the latest advances in its 5th-generation INNOVA production management system, enabling processors to take full control of their operation.

This year's show runs from May 3-5.

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