Mandatory customs clearance of Russian fish catches in Sakhalin and Kurile carried out without delays

March 3, 2009 15:04

From the beginning of the current year 2009 Sakhalin customs officers cleared 92 calling vessels and 86 leaving vessels, reports ( with reference to SAKH.

To Japan and South Korea the Russian vessels exported ca.13,000 tonnes of freshfrozen shrimp, pollock, cod, crab legs, pollock and cod roe.

Fishing vessels have been cleared at the ports of Korsakov, Nevelsk and South Kurilsk. In all cases the customs clearance has taken from half an hour to three hours. In other words, the customs officers have been doing their job in due time as regulated by the Government's order "On the procedure of clearance of fishing vessels, catches of aquatic biological resources and products made from them and state control at marine ports of the Russian Federation".

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