Major St. Petersburg processor launching a new label

March 30, 2007 12:55

One of the leading fish processing plants in St. Petersburg "Fish Processing Plant No. 5"(ROK 5) has launched a new label "Serebryany Fond" (Silver Fund).Blue Whiting_РОК5

The Plant is approved for export to EU countries (EU No. 86H).

The assortment of the new TM includes fillets of various fish species such as mackerel, pike, pangasius, Alaska pollock, hake. All the fillets are packed in 400 g polyethylene bags.

Beside that w/r icefish, blue whiting, grenadier, cod, pike, hake, Alaska pollock in 800 g polyethylene bags are presented.

In convenience products series fish cakes"Norvezhskie" (Norwegian cakes)  both in bulk and in 420 g pack are worth mentioning too.

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