Major Russian importer announcing further big plans

August 23, 2007 16:03

Moscow-based Brig-Star Group of Companies, already one of major operators on the Russian seafood market, has drawn up further ambitious plans for long-term development, providing, in particular, for construction of up-to-date cold store complexes and fish processing facilities, according to the report prepared by the group's Owner and General Director Irina Arkhipova for the Second International specialized conference "Strategic Challenges on Russia's Seafood Market" (organizers

The goals set are quite realistic because the group has been developing very dynamically with the turnover approaching one billion RUR, Arkhipova told the conference.

The logic of modern business development implies the need to establish reliable and longterm partnerships, Arkhipova underlined. In line with this policy Brig-Star has been stepping up international cooperation and promoting Russia's integration into the European market.

The group's membership in the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry is only natural within the above framework.


Brig-Star opened doors in 1998 in Moscow to start trading as a large-scale wholesaler of freshfrozen fish, shellfish and mollusks. Now the group runs two more offices in Vladivostok and Saint Petersburg.

The geography of the group's business contacts is wide and various. The group purchases Alaska pollock, pink salmon, chum salmon, squid and other species in the Russian Far East in cooperation with Preobrazhenje Trawl Fleet Base (PBTF for short in Russian), Ozernovsky Fish Processing Combine, JSC ZAO Akros and OOO Nerpa (ltd).

Murmansk-based Transflotservis and NordKost supply Brig-Star with mackerel, herring, saithe, haddock, halibut, sea cat and ocean perch.

Brig-Star buys saury in South Korea from Ocean Trading Company and saury, pangasius fillets and tilapia in China from Yen Jing Corporation.

Under the contracts with the Canadian company Breakers Seafood the group imports hake, mackerel and capelin to Russia.

Norway is Russia's leading supplier of herring, mackerel, capelin, saithe, halibut and rock ling and Bring-Star cooperates with large Norwegian suppliers and producers such as Domstein Pelagic AS, Global, Coast Seafood, Friomar AS, Northern Sea East Europe.

Considerable volumes of mackerel and herring are imported from Great Britain (Denholm Seafood Ltd) and from Ireland (Atlantic Dawn).

Brig-Star has also established close and longterm partnerships with Russian fish processors to which the group supplies freshfrozen fish, shellfish and mollusks. The long list of the group's customers includes Proviant Group of Companies from Ryazan, Kriga from Nizhny Novgorod, ROK-1 from Saint Petersburg, Toliyati Fish Company, AOS Company from Moscow and Kubankurortservis from Novorossiisk.

Brig-Star's sales team has a longstanding experience of seafood trade on the international market. The group's success has been achieved not only thanks to the staff's commercial expertise, but also thanks to efficient logistics and accurate analysis of the domestic and international markets, Arkhipova remarked.

The groups staff participates in international exhibitions in Moscow, Brussels (Belgium), Shanghai (China), Qingdao (China), Busan (South Korea). The group's General Director Irina Arkhipova also took part in the Economic Forum in Geneva in 2006 and in Zurich in 2007.

In October 2006 Brig-Star and personally Irina Arkhipova were awarded diplomas and prizes of European Falcon (International Association for European Cooperation and Integration).

Irina Arkhipova, owner and general director of Brig-Star, has been at the group's helm since the moment of establishment.

Irina Arkhipova has substantial educational background with several Russian university degrees as well as the MBA diploma (Switzerland) of MGIMO International Business School.

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