Magadan fish breeders about to launch first stage of salmon reproduction

June 29, 2009 11:45

Fish breeders from state-owned research institution FGU Okhotskrybvod are ready to launch the first stage of a salmon reproduction project and harvest spawners in the rivers of Magadan, reports ( with reference to Sever DV.

More specifically, in 2009 the breeders will be harvesting salmon at 14 sites from 25 June 2009 through to 31 October 2009. At present, the fish breeders are preparing the technical means and breeding equipment, as well as fishing gear and cages to stock spawners there. The Okhotsk territorial department of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency has received the respective applications for fishing permits from the breeders.

Tauisky LRZ Ranching Station will be the first breeders to start harvesting salmon. In the river Chukcha the breeders will harvest 2 tonnes or 570 summer chums running for spawning first.

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