Looking beyond boundaries to find food for the future

May 18, 2011 09:56

The global population is growing in number and income; many more people expect to eat more and animal proteins rank high on their list of preferences. Numbers are predicted to stabilise at around 9 billion by 2050. Can the world produce enough food and keep on producing that food year after year? Agri Vision 2011 will look beyond perceived boundaries to explore how actions and attitudes today can contribute to delivering food for the future, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Nutreco.

Delegates will hear fresh information, ideas and insights focused on the future food challenge and delivered by presenters from the agriculture industry and research, environmental and regulatory organisations, financiers and communicators. Organised by global leader in animal nutrition Nutreco and Rabobank, the international food & agribank, Agri Vision 2011 'Beyond Boundaries' will take place 21-23 June at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, the Netherlands.

Wout Dekker, Nutreco CEO: "At Agri Vision 2009 we asked: Can we close the gap between the surging demand and struggling supplies? We optimistically, but we believe realistically, concluded: "Yes we can!" There is potential to be gained in plant and animal breeding, nutrition and husbandry and in unravelling the production potential of current and new arable land. We believe this can be achieved sustainably and without irrevocably damaging biodiversity or our environment. But it needs the cooperation of all stakeholders, willingness to open our minds to innovative concepts and the imagination to develop them into practical realities. We captured that optimism and the facts and opinions behind it in a Nutreco booklet; Feeding the Future, published in March 2010. Earlier this year we published an equivalent aquaculture Feeding the Future booklet, following from AquaVision 2010. It focuses on the potential for aquaculture to bridge the widening gap between sustainable fisheries, which cannot be increased, and the demand for fish.

"During Agri Vision 2011 we will look at the reality of today, constraints and opportunities for tomorrow and hear from companies and industry sectors already making significant progress; encouraging us to think and act Beyond Boundaries."

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