ll time high sales record for Norges Sildesalgslag – passing 6,346 billion NOK

December 2, 2010 15:43

It was the delivery note related to the vessel "Torbas" with her 400 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring caught on the 21st of November that in the sales organisation's systems was registered as catch value giving the final push to beat the old record, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Shortly afterwards the deliveries of "Møgsterfjord" and "Storeknut" added catches to the record.
Apart from this, since last Sunday 10.700 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring have been taken, 2.400 MT of North Sea herring and some coastal sprat resulting in a sales value from last week passing 6,360 billion NOK. The forecast including the remaining part of 2010 estimates a value of 6,5 billion NOK.

To illustrate which enormous volumes of pelagic fish we are talking about, the catch volumes of herring and mackerel after 11 month of 2010 equals not less than 4,8 billion fish meals offering 75 % of the entire world's population a pelagic dinner!

The reason behind this high value is a couple of different conditions as a good year for herring fisheries in general, and a good autumn when it comes to mackerel, including nearly 70.000 MT of mackerel not caught in EU waters last year. Last time the sales set a record was in 2002 when foreign vessels contributed significantly with a value close to 1,4 billion NOK.
Following this fact, 2010 is also a year for a new record when we calculate the pelagic values caught by Norwegian vessels. Last time a record was set was in 2005 (5,25 billion NOK) while last week's catches already give a value of close to 5,6 billion NOK. - The final value is expected to be even higher when December is history.

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