Les Jours Bleus encore! Carrefour, Findus and Labeyrie join forces once again to promote MSC certified sustainable seafood

February 11, 2011 09:55

On 17 February and for the second year running, Carrefour will host Les Jours Bleus - a high-impact in-store campaign organised in partnership with two leading seafood brands Findus and Labeyrie, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to MSC.

The nationwide campaign will raise consumer awareness about the protection of marine resources, highlight the commitment Carrefour, Findus, and Labeyrie have made to source sustainably caught seafood, and remind shoppers how they can make a difference by switching to MSC certified sustainable seafood.

Following the tremendous success of Les Jours Bleus in 2010, this year's campaign will be even bigger, running in all Carrefour Hypermarchés and Carrefour Market supermarkets throughout France from 17 to 23 February 2011.
Building consumer awareness in-store

Hervé Gomichon, Global Quality Director of the Carrefour group said, "Carrefour has been committed to protecting biodiversity for many years. Protecting our oceans and the jobs associated with them is very important. We apply a sustainable seafood sourcing policy, which leads us to favour certain species that come from sustainable fishing and bear the MSC label. With 26 MSC-labelled products in the Carrefour own-brand tinned and frozen product ranges as well as on the fresh fish counter, we sell the widest range of MSC labelled products in France. With this campaign we aim to raise consumer awareness and encourage shoppers to choose products sourced from sustainable fisheries. We can only protect our oceans by working together with our partners in the supply chain and our customers."

Jacques Trottier, Managing Director of Labeyrie commented, "We are delighted to be taking part in the second Les Jours Bleus alongside our partners and celebrating, in- store with our MSC-labelled products, our joint commitment to supporting sustainable and well-managed fisheries."

Helping customers do their bit for the environment

Steven Libermann, Commercial Director of Findus France said, "Fish is still a food sourced principally from the wild, a rarity in our modern diet, in which farmed products dominate. This is why we want to build awareness among our customers of the fact that not all fish resources are inexhaustible. By choosing products from a well-managed and sustainable source, consumers can make a difference and ensure the availability of fish resources for this and future generations."

Working in partnership to influence consumers' choices

Edouard Le Bart, MSC Manager for France said, "The multi-brand partnership provides the backbone of this campaign. By choosing to lead a joint campaign, Carrefour, Labeyrie and Findus are demonstrating leadership and the extent of their commitment to MSC sustainable seafood. Last year the results of the campaign [link to Joint Marketing Case Study] exceeded our expectations and those of our partners. They proved that consumers are receptive to this type of awareness campaign. According to a study conducted by the In-Store Marketing Institute, 68 per cent of consumers said in-store messages affect their buying decisions. We are therefore convinced that targeting sustainability messages at consumers in-store can help create and increase demand for sustainably-sourced seafood and contribute to the responsible management of our world's oceans."

He added, "We would like to thank Saatchi and Saatchi for their contribution to the development of Les Jours Bleus."

More than 440 products are currently sold with the MSC ecolabel in France and there are more than 8,800 MSC ecolabel products worldwide.

About Findus Group

Findus France is part of the Findus Group, one of the leading European players in the food and seafood industries. Findus Group encompasses Findus (France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom), Young's (United Kingdom) and the Seafood Company (United Kingdom). In France, Findus is the leading frozen seafood brand, with an overlapping presence in a number of segments: fish, vegetables and potatoes, ready meals....

About Labeyrie

Leader for smoked salmon and foie gras in France, Labeyrie is part of the French-Islandic group Alfesca, number 1 in Europe for food for special occasions and is represented in 4 segments: prawns, foie gras, duck products, blinis and "tartinables" (spreads). For more than 60 years, Labeyrie have dedicated their knowledge to developing top quality products. Committed to sustainable development, Labeyrie chose to source all its smoked salmon range from fisheries certified to the MSC standard in 2007.

About the Carrefour Group

The Carrefour Group is composed of hypermarkets, supermarkets, maxi discount and local shops, as well as cash-and-carry outlets and has more than 5,500 stores. Over the past 50 years, it has become a household name for millions shoppers by offering a wide range of products and services at competitive prices. Committed to sustainable development for 20 years, Carrefour has implemented a number of activities to foster a more responsible trade which respects the environment and communities. Carrefour's sustainable commitments can be split into 4 categories: preservation of our resources, waste control, fostering responsible consumer consumption, Corporate Social Responsibility.

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