Leningrad Oblast organizing tenders for allocation of fish farm sites

June 25, 2007 11:53

In the short term outlook Leningrad Oblast surrounding Saint Petersburg is going to invite investors to take part in the tenders for allocation of sites for commercial fish farming (including exhausted open pits), according to the province's governor Valery Serdukov.

Governor says there will be no problems with sale of the sites belonging to the province's government and in case of federal sites the province can enter into an agreement with the federal bodies towards mutually conducted tenders.

There are sites fit for farming of market-size fish in the province's districts of Boksitogorsk, Tikhvin, Volkhov, Vyborg, Priozersk and Kirishi. In 2006 the province's 20 fish farms produced 2000 tonnes of finfish, mostly trout. In order to simplify the redtape, the local farmers are urging the government to create the so called single window for the investors to submit documents which has been successfully practiced in Karelia.

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