Leading producer of marinated preserves presenting novelties and winning Choice Of the Year

April 18, 2008 15:31

On 12 April 2008 Belarus-based joint venture Santa Bremor (one of the leaders in preserves processing segment) has become a winner of an international competition "Choice Of the Year 2007".

The Santa Bremor company has won in the category of "Salted and Smoked Delis No. 1".

The company participated actively in the jubilee exhibition - fair "Brest. Commonwealth 2008" which took place in the city of Brest. During the fair the visitors could taste new products of Santa Bremor.


At the seafood exposition Prodexpo 2008 (held in February) Santa Bremor Company has presented a wide range of new products, a representative of the company told http://www.fishnet-russia.com/ (https://www.fishnet.ru/) .

One of the novelties is called "Snow crab"(crab meat imitation) produced according to a new method. Another novelty is crab sticks "Bremor 55", where the number 55 means that the content of surimi in the product is 55% creating an advantage in this segment of crab sticks market.

There are also new products "Squid meat in marinade" (500 gram, a large portion pack for salad, for family consumption) and "Squid meat in oil" (single pack ready for eating with sunflower seed oil).

A new range of shrimp products has been offered in two varieties: in marinade and oils. The products are served as a single meal and as a salad component.

A new product is presented in Matjes range, more specifically , "Matjes Fresh Greens". This product has been launched for the first time at the exhibition Prodexpo 2008.

There is also a new product in Fish Picnic series. More specifically, Fish picnic with gherlic. The product is very convenient to use for example, it is enough to boil potatoes and open the pack with the fish picnic.

A new variety in spread group of products is presented in the range of fish cold collations under the trademark "Carpaccio". This product is low salted with spices. This product is convenient for making sandwiches.

This year Santa Bremor Company has launched a new range of products for those people caring about health. The novelties include salads and soltworts and vinaigrettes on the basis of seaweed. These salad mixes are ready to eat (single portions). The salads consist of sunflower seed oil, seaweed and various seafood ingredients (squids, crab sticks etc.).

One of the latest products in roe group is "Alaska pollock roe". This item is packed in 100 grams and 180 grams glass jars. The company says, this product is ideal for sandwiches.


JV Santa Bremor, OOO

106, Katin Bor, Brest, Belarus

Tel./Fax: +375 162 299 029

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