Leading pollock harvester NBAMR increasing supplies to domestic market

November 15, 2010 12:49
In the third quarter 2010 the Nakhodka-based BAMR supplied the main part of its production volume to the domestic market, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/.

More specifically, in Q3 2010 the company sold 7,870 tonnes of products at total value of about RUR 369 million (EUR 8,722 million) less VAT) on the Russian market and 1,581 tonnes at value of about 75 million (EUR1,8 million) on export market.

The products were distributed in Western regions of Russia and in the Russian Far East, the greater part of products (6,610 tonnes or 84%) were supplied to the Russian Far East.

Among foreign importers Germany took the first place buying 1,446 tonnes of products.

In 2009 the supply volume of NBAMR to the domestic market amounted to 45,902 tonnes at a total value of about RUR 2 billion (about EUR 46 million) less VAT) while supplies abroad amounted to 42,245 tonnes at a value RUR 2,9 billion (EUR69 million). The main part of products (27,723 tonnes or 60.4%) were supplied to the Russian Far East with Moscow ranking the second with 7,610 tonnes or 16.6%.

Germany, USA, South Korea and China emerged as the top importers of NBAMR products with the import volume amounting to 14,888 tonnes, 8,796 tonnes, 7,427 tonnes and 7,798 tonnes correspondingly.

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