Leading packer launching nostalgic label

May 4, 2007 16:51

logoSt. Petersburg-based leading packer "Rybokombinat Pischevik" that has been operating on Russian fish market for more than 80 years has further expanded its range of products.

In particular, the plant has commissioned production of fish delicatessen using liquid smoke and natural spices such as pepper, grains of mustard, dill and parsley.canned saury

The company's market analysts have found out that certain symbols of the Soviet era may help generate positive response of the consumer to a number of canned products because it is a general feeling that the quality of canned fish was much higher in the past. The products of the new series are manufactured under the label "Nostalgia for USSR" and considered to be symbol of high quality and image, says the company.

Rybokombinat Pischevik claims the products under the label "Nostalgia on USSR" are of premium class and have a classical taste. The cans have easy-to-open lids with pull ring.St. Peterburg Gold

Besides Rybokombinat Pischevik has launched new premium products under the label "St. Petersburg Gold". They are manufactured from sockeye salmon, North Atlantic salmon, trout and cod as well as shellfish and mollusks from all over the world in different sauces with spices.

They use gentle methods to process mussels, octopus, shrimps and squids that helps to keep nutritional value of the natural raw material. The sauces and marinades used in these cans are manufactured according to unique recipes.

At present the company designers are working on a new logo and style of the label to make it even more attractive for consumers.Preserved

The range of the company's products includes canned sprats in oil, about 50 items of various cans and preserves of fish and more than 30 items of other fish products. Production capacity of the plant at present reaches about 7 million cans monthly and the company plans to raise the production capacity to 10 million cans per month.

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289, Ligovsky Pr-t, 196006, St. Petersburg, Russia

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