Leaders in sale of canned and marinated preserves taking shape on Russian market

August 30, 2007 15:58

Sales of canned fish and marinated preserves in retail shops of Moscow and Saint Petersburg have the following structure: 20% of canned sprats, 13% of herring, 10% of pink salmon and saury each, 13% of mussels, crabs and squid and 8% of cod liver, according to Investment-Analytical Group of OOO Norge-Fish (ltd).

Pischevik, ROK-1 and JSC ZAO PKP Rus are some of Russia's leading suppliers of canned and marinated fish, while Gamma, Nakhodka, Santa-Bremor, San Jose and Alax are in the vanguard of foreign producers.

Salmon caviar accounts for 75% of the total sales of caviar products, while sturgeon and sevruga caviar account for 8% and 4% correspondingly.

The structure of marinated fish sales consists of 60% of herring, 20% of salmon and trout, 8% of sturgeon and 3% of crab and pink salmon products. Such companies as Dary Morya, Irma, Meridian, Nepto, Raptika, ROK-1, Russian Sea, Santa Bremor and Severnyi Mir supply the bulk of marinated fish to the Russian market.

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