Late June 2009 witnessing improved squid supply and strengthening of Norwegian salmon prices

June 25, 2009 16:17

As per the fourth week of June 2009, trade in freshfrozen seafood in Moscow has continued to show mixed price trends for a number of freshfrozen seafood products, analysts of ( concluded after analyzing the current situation on the market.

Among the most important events of the week Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor has extended validity of earlier issued vet permits for seafood importation from Kazakhstan, China and the USA until 1 September 2009. Besides, the Russian vets have released a list of Israeli farming, fishing, processing and storage companies approved for export to Russia.

Along with the above, due to discovery of staphylococcus during the monitoring lab tests Rosselkhoznadzor has restricted importation of frozen sprat from Estonian plant EE 408 EU, canned sprats from Latvian company LV A 001784 and frozen seafood from the US company CFN 3026061.

Large French retail chain Carrefour has launched its first hypermarket in Moscow. The investments into the project total 8 million Euro. Until the end of the year the world's second largest retailer plans to open another two supermarkets in Russia, namely in Krasnodar and Lipetsk.

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved amendments into the Government's order No.602 from 12 August 2008 "On approving the Rules for auctions for sale of commercial capture quotas of aquatic biological resources and shares in the total volume of capture quota shares for commercial fishery". Now, the industry is regulated by the above order as amended on 15 June 2009 with the amendments specifying the rules for auctions for sale of the rights for making agreements on fixing capture quota shares and or agreements on exploitation of aquatic biological resources classified as objects of fishery.

The Government has also approved the rules for subsidies from the federal budget to the fishery companies and sole traders to partly compensate for the bank rates for investment credits for construction and modernisation of fishing vessels subject the funds borrowed in 2008-2009.

In general, in the fourth week of June 2009 Moscow's market of freshfrozen seafood has been showing mixed price trends. In particular, prices have continued decreasing for pollock, herring, mackerel and magister squid tubes. There has also been a certain strengthening of prices for Norwegian salmon.

Average frozen fish prices in Moscow as per 22 June 2009


SizeCountry of originPrice in RUB per kilo
Pink salmon head-on gutted1+Russia  
Pink salmon w/r1+Russia  
Chum salmon headedRussia  
Chum salmon head-on gutted  
Baltic sprat10-1224.0025.00
Baltic herring18+31.0034.00
Blue whiting23.5030.00
Alaska pollock headed250+54.0056.00
Salmon roe saltedcubotainerRussia850.001200.00
Hake HGTUSA90.0098.00
Squid tubesRussia69.0075.00
Atlantic salmon 6-7Norway300.00 
Atlantic salmon 7-8Norway300.00315.00
Trout 1.8-2.7Chile245.00295.00
Trout 2.7-4.0Chile260.00305.00
Seller prices in RUB per kilo in Moscow as per 22 June 2009

Ultrafish, OOO

Russian Fish Company, ZAOLobnensky KhladokombinatIrna, OOO TPKFiord, OOOFishstyle OOOTalex GroupGulfstream, ZAO
Pink salmon head-on gutted1+ 
Pink salmon w/r1+ 
Chum salmon headed 
Chum salmon head-on gutted 
Baltic sprat10-1224.0024.50
Baltic herring18+ 
Tilapia/fillets5-7143.90 155.00145.00146.00
Blue whiting23.5026.0030.00
Pollock headed250+54.9060.3056.0055.0057.00
Salmon roe saltedcubotainer 1200.00
Hake HGT300-50090.0090.0098.0095.0092.00
Squid tubesRussia72.9071.0073.0075.00
Atlantic salmon 6-7Norway300.00 300.00
Atlantic salmon 7-8Norway305.00315.00300.00
Trout 0.9-1.8Chile240.00285.00249.00
Trout 1.8-2.7Chile245.00295.00275.00250.00
Trout 2.7-4.0Chile260.00305.00
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