Large seafood processor in Central Russia launching new EU approved factory

November 25, 2009 16:01

OOO Rybnye Produkty (ltd) based in Kaluga (centre of Russia) has commissioned an EU-approved factory helping it expand the product range on offer with IQF seafood, reports ( with reference to the company.

The company has recently launched a blast freezer capable of processing 15 metric tons of seafood per shift. Thanks to the new freezer the firm can now produce IQF Atlantic salmon of the size -10kg from chilled material with the quality of the final product equal to that of Norwegian salmon.

The factory's range covers various product forms, packaging, glazing (to customer's order), etc. The production premises also include freezing chambers capable of storing up to 3000 tonnes of seafood enabling the company to maintain inventories of raw material and final products.

The seafood range is produced under the company's own label of Ryba-Kit.

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