Large Russian importer Talex Holding Group of Companies announcing big development plans

November 15, 2010 12:41
One of leading Russian seafood importers Talex Holding Group of Companies is planning to boost processing capacity to meet the growing demand for value-added seafood products on the domestic market, reports with reference to the Group.

At present, the company plans to increase processing capacity in its Deep Water Factory based in St. Petersburg as well as to set up a logistics center in Murmansk in 2011-2013 including berths and coldstorage facilities.

In 2011 the production volume at Deep Water plant is planned to achieve up to 1000 tonnes per month, the company also plans to develop its own line of high quality products under private label.

Talex Holding with the annual sales in excess of RUR5.1 billion (ca. EUR120 million) also plans to get ISO 2000 certificate getting the license for exportation of its products to EU.

The company also plans to invest in aquaculture production and farm building in St. Petersburg or Voronezh region in the center of Russia. They plan to build a closed water recirculation system with full production cycle to grow more than 10 fish and non-finfish species from eggs to commercial size the production range to include tilapia, pangasius, eel, barramundi, shrimps, cod, seabass, seabream etc.

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