Large reconstruction plan for Saint-Petersburg-based processing giant

October 17, 2008 16:22

One of the largest fish processing combines in Russia's northwest OAO ROK-1 based in Saint Petersburg will soon move some of its production to its new facility in Volkhov, reports ( with reference to Sekret Firmy.

The new factory will produce herring and laminaria salads, while the vacated space at ROK's existing factory in Saint Petersburg will be occupied with additional equipment for labeling which is to help boost shipments to a larger number of trade outlets.

The company is planning to invest 600 million RUB into its restructure (the information remaining without ROK's comments). The combine's proceeds for the year 2007 amounted to 175 million Euro. However, in order to pay back the investments and load the new factory ROK will yet have to reform its product strategy.

According to Petr Kushnir, Deputy Development CEO of ROK-1, the combine's production facilities will be divided into five independent blocks: marinated fish and salads, imitation crab products, salmons, small and abundant fish.

At present ROK-1 produces a range of 450 seafood items in 14 product categories.

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