Large fish processing factory to be built in Kamchatka

February 29, 2008 15:40

A large fish processing factory is being built in Kamchatka to produce frozen fish, canned fish, fillets, marinated fish preserves, hot and cold smoked fish, according to Rybak Kamchatki.

In 2005 members of Narody Severa fishing artel headed by its leader Andrey Pazenko rented a land site and purchased the property belonging to the former state company Sevmorgeologia. Actually the property was not rich including an old boiler department, two small dilapidated buildings and several dozens of meters of derelict pier. The tenantry started with building the pier now occupying ca.400 meters and a 2000-tonne coldstore.

Today the main building scene is located directly on the factory's construction site. The project provides for erection of a large three-storyed building to be used for production of various fish products meeting the European standards. The product range will be sold both at home and in Europe. The new factory will create jobs for ca.200 people. The firm's main challenge is to commission the factory prior to the beginning of the salmon season 2008.

The company has been already investing into renewal of its fleet. Two ST-503 and one ST-420 middle trawlers joined its several MRTK small boats and transport reefers. The firm's shortterm plans also provide for building another coldstore capable of storing 5000 tonnes of fish. There is also an idea to open own retail shops selling the company's fish products at reduced prices affordable for population with low income.

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