Large coldstore project to encourage storage capacities in Saint Petersburg

November 5, 2009 15:56

Saint-Petersburg based managing company Sterkh Corporation majoring in transportation services is implementing a project on construction of a coldstore complex capable of storing 25,000 tonnes of seafood products at a time, reports ( with reference to the company.

According to the project, the new coldstore is to be commissioned at the crossroads of Scandinavia and KAD in the third quarter of 2010. The project's value is estimated at 840 million RUB, of which ca.20-25% will be sourced from the company's own funds and the remaining sum will be borrowed from the bank.

The above investments will cover construction works and refrigeration plant, as well as coldstore and specialized IT equipment and software.

The coldstore's design capacity is 25,000-28,000 tonnes of seafood stored at a time. A part of the coldstore will probably work as a customs warehouse.

In 2007 Sterkh Corporation commissioned the first stage of the region's largest customs and logistics complex located in the village of Osinovaya Roscha. The project aimed at developing the terminal's infrastructure provides for construction of multi-purpose logistics A and B-class coldstores occupying the total area of more than 110,000 square meters. The project's budget efficiency will amount to ca.600 million RUB for the period of 10 years.

OOO Osinovaya Roscha (ltd), a member of Strekh Corporation, has received the first tranche of the credit line issued by OAO VTB Severo-Zapad (plc) for the coldstore's construction.

The credit line has been issued for the period of five years. Earlier OOO Osinovaya Roscha paid for design and construction works from its own funds.

The coldstore will be located at the corporation's own land site where there is the region's largest customs clearance centre also including a container area. The land site is located at the crossroads of Scandinavia and KAD providing convenient approach ways for cars running both from Finland and from Saint Petersburg (Large Harbor).

Construction of the coldstore is supported by Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency as the project is focused on storage of frozen and chilled seafood.

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Sterkh Corporation, tel.: +7 812 3239595.

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