Large Belarusian processor puts hot fish burger on the market

December 14, 2007 16:20


A Belarusian processor Santa Bremor specializing in marinated seafood preserves has launched a brand new product put on the market under the trade name of hot fish burger.Hot Fish Burger

The hot fish burger is a natural product on the basis of mayonnaise, crab meat, squid meat, eggs, cheese and field mushrooms.

According to the company the novelty is very easy to cook. It is enough to spread it on a slice of bread, to heat it in the oven for 0.5 - 2 minutes and the hot fish burger is ready to eat.

The new product is packed in a plastic container weighting 150 g each with 16 containers to a carton. There are 200 cartons in a pallet. The shelf life is 2 months if kept under temperature -4 - +2C degrees.

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