June 7, 2010 09:56

KRAV-approved cod generates 54% less greenhouse gases than ‘ordinary' cod, according to a new report. On Friday May 28, the first KRAV cod caught according to KRAV's new climate standards reached the shops, reports with reference to Domstein.

Emissions of greenhouse gases from KRAV cod are around 54% lower than from cod that is not environmentally labelled, according to the report ‘Climate Smart KRAV Fish', produced by KRAV together with SIK, the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology.

From the time it is caught until it has been transported to the supermarket, a typical 400 gram pack of KRAV cod emits approx. 0.6 kg carbon dioxide, while the average pack of cod emits approx. 1.3 kg carbon dioxide.

"KRAV's new climate regulations have a real effect. Buying KRAV cod is a strong statement that promotes sustainable fishing. Choosing an environmentally labelled product more than halves the climate impact of fish, compared with choosing indiscriminately", said Johan Cejie, Climate expert at KRAV.

Coop Sweden's KRAV certified Aenglamark cod are available in their supermarkets. It is caught by Domstein according to KRAV's new climate standards, which specify for example that only half a litre of fuel is permitted per kg landed fish.

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