Komi Republic completing aquaculture and fishery development program

November 27, 2007 15:08

The Republic of Komi in the north of Russia is about to complete development of a regional program on aquaculture and fishery worth RUB50 million, of which RUB17 million will be reserved for the coming year 2008, according to Komiinform.

Along with the above, the republic's aquaculture and fishery department has been working at proposals of amendments to the federal law called "Technical Regulations "Finfish, non-finfish commercial species and products made from them, production and treatment" which has been approved by the State Duma (Lower House) in the fourth reading.

The law has been long waited for by the fish businesses based in Komi Republic because it will give a single order of exploitation of fish sites under a simplified technical procedure "catch-processing-sale". The law has become especially important in a situation of increasing number of legal users of fish sites from 35 in 2006 to 53 in 2007. The above figures can be also interpreted as a gradual move from poaching and the fishermen's readiness to work in obedience to the current legislation.

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