Kien Giang starts exporting swell-fish

October 11, 2010 14:23

Approved by the government, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Kien Giang province has just officially implemented trial project on expanding and strengthening the capacity of exploiting, processing and exporting swell-fish, reports with reference to VASEP.

In Kien Giang's marine area alone, about 6,000 - 7,000 tons swell-fish is caught each year. Fishing and processing for export swell-fish do not only bring economic benefit to fishermen but also have special meanings for the local fishery.

Carrying out pilot policy on processing and exporting swell-fish, the government decided to allow 2 provinces Khanh Hoa and Kien Giang to implement the initial stage. In Kien Giang, this province assigned 2 processing units and 4 purchasing units to preserve and transport swell-fish in Tac Cau fishing port in accordance with technical requirements of Korean exporters. According to the company's assessment, besides Korea, some other markets are demanding for importing swell-fish with big amount to process the dishes after applying techniques to separate toxicity from swell-fish following strict processes.

Mr Cao Huong Thien, Director of Mai Sao Co., Ltd (An Giang) said "Besides Korea, Japan is also targeting this product. It is anticipated in the end of this year, swell-fish export will be widely known. People will know how to preserve and process it better after catching, only when quality of product is enhanced, Japanese market would be reached.

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Phuong, Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Kien Giang province emphasized "Allowable vessels of swell-fish will be trained on catching and swell-fish preservation. If another program for supporting fishermen on raising swell-fish for export is well developed, export value of Kien Giang province will increase.

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