Kazakhstan to export caviar under State label

October 18, 2010 13:20
Kazakhstan announces a launch of the State-owned label for monopoly trade of sturgeon caviar in jars within the frames of international quotas, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/.

The new label under the name "Zhaiyk" will be distributed in packs of very high quality to make it impossible for smugglers to fraud.

Kazakhstan has got a license for exportation of 13 tonnes of sturgeon caviar out of total 80 tonnes of sturgeon caviar distributed among Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

State monopoly will come into force in January 2011 when the new fishing season starts it will cover all the products manufactured on the territory of the country both on sturgeon farms and wild. This will lead to closure of several local cooperative farms which have had the right to sell some small volumes of sturgeons to the local market.

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