Kamchatka working on big investments in seafood sector

March 16, 2009 16:47

Several seafood investment projects of Kamchatka are to get Russian State support as a part of investment programm in the Russian Far East, reports https://www.fishnet.ru/ with reference to Kamchatka's Fishery Ministry.

More specifically, the funds will be invested in the development of high-tech fish processing plant, seafood processing complex, food additives processing plant, floating complex for red king crab reproduction, seafood farm, waste-free fish processing complex and port special economic zone Avacha.

The high-tech fish processing plant with the capacity of 200 tonnes per 24 hours will be built not far from Ivashka village in Karaginsk region of Kamchatka. The aim of the project is to develop value-added seafood processing and to increase supply of high-quality and profitable seafood products to the domestic market. The building of the new plant is to start in spring 2009 to work in projected capacity by summer 2011.

Another project of fish processing complex in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is meant to be built in 2 years period if provided with investments. This project is also aimed to develop value-added seafood processing and to increase supply of high-quality and profitable seafood products on the domestic market.

The processing plant for production of food additives is planned to be built in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The plant of the full cycle from fishing raw materials to processing of food additives will produce biologically active additives and medicines with no analogs existing in the world.

Another project of floating complex for reproduction and storing of red king crab by tank method in Avacha Bay presupposes growing of baby crabs in tanks installed in a floating complex and further release of young crabs in the areas of their natural habitat. The aim of the project is to reproduce red king crab for replenishment and sustainability of crab stocks in the Western and Eastern coasts of Kamchatka.

Another investment project "Development of Marin culture in Kamchatka" is to be located in Avacha Bay (45 km to the South from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Vilyuchinskaya Bay). The project is oriented on mariculture development in the region, namely, sea weed growing (laminaria, alaria), mollusks (mussel, scallop, sea urchin), cage farming of trout and cod. The project is designed to manufacture products of seaweed, mollusks, cod, salmon species, spices (iodine additives), biologically active additives, medicines, cosmetics, raw materials for medicine production, additives to pets and birds feed, organic fertilizers.

The waste-free seafood processing plant Allimpex is to be built in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The aim is full processing of aquatic biological resources fished in Kamchatka.

The creation of port special economic zone includes building of 4 large fishing complexes and more specifically including terminals, modern processing facilities, coldstores, repairing facilities. The period of realization is 6 years. The project is oriented to develop deep on-shore processing in the framework of tax preferences enjoyed by port special economic zone, and will increase the tax efficiency of fish industry and budget. This project will contribute to further development of fish processing industry. Kamchatka will become an important hub and seafood processing centre in the Russian Far East making Russian seafood processing world competitive.

The investment projects which will get State support after investment contact submission will be registered in the State register of investment projects, maintained by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.

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