Kamchatka names winners of 20 year entitlement to salmon fishing sites

June 3, 2008 16:00
At the close of May 2008 Kamchatka Commission for Organization and Conduct of the Tender for Entitlement to Making Contract for Exploitation of Pacific Salmon Fishing Sites has announced winners to get the 20 year rights in the Sobolevsky District at the West Coast of the region, according to reports from the area.

The fishing sites have been allocated to eight fishery companies such as Artel Octyabr, OOO Vityaz-Avto, OOO Zarya, OOO Kamchatmoreproduct, OOO Kristall, OOO Skit, OOO RK Krutogorovskoye and OOO Kamber. The winners have been described as having good processing facilities, fishing history and residence on the territory in question.

All in all, in Sobolevsky District the commission has put up for tender 64 marine sites and 23 river sites to be contractually allocated for a term of 20 years of exploitation. 

According to the rules of the tender, each bidder out of the total of 38 taking part could run for a maximum of 13 fishing sites with the commission to make decisions based on evaluation of the processing capability of onshore factories, salmon quota take up record in the last four years and the number of district population employed by the company. The winners were also to be selected from the highest bidders in money terms.

The successful applicants will get the sites into 20 year exploitation subject to signing the respective contracts and timely transfer of the declared bid within a term of 10 days stipulated by the law.

Earlier on 22 May the sites were allocated in the other Kamchatka districts such as Ust-Kamchatsky, Milkovsky and Aleutsky.

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