Kamchatka legislators want inshore catches processed at province's factories

June 25, 2007 12:20

Kamchatka's Legislature has approved an amendment to the local law "On Fisheries" ruling that all inshore catches should be landed in Kamchatka, according to Interfax.

Now all the province's companies engaged in inshore fishery and having no own processing facilities will have to land their catches to Kamchatka-based onshore processors or fishing companies running fish processing fleets. In other words, all the biological resources harvested on the territory of the peninsula should be processed and sold at the domestic market.

The decision has been long awaited by the local owners of large vessels and land-based processors as during the salmon season Kamchatka's fish has been received by vessels based in Sakhalin and Primorye (capital Vladivostok).

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