Kaliningrad fishermen testing new fishing method

August 28, 2009 09:33

A new wetfish small boat based in Kaliningrad has returned from a trial trip in the Baltic Sea, reports http://www.fishnet-russia.com/ (https://www.fishnet.ru/) with reference to kaliningrad.rfn.ru.

In summer the herring and sprat fishery in the Baltic Sea is conducted practically exclusively by small MRTK trawlers harvesting the fish for animals' feed because both the quality of summer sprat and warm weather do not let processors use it for canning. The new wetfish boat called Asanoe pumps fish in water into the hold and lands it practically alive. For the sake of better efficiency Asanoe prefers teaming up with another boat to stretch the trawl between both of them and run in parallel at the distance of 120 meters. They leave for the fishing grounds in the evening and return in the afternoon to land fish also with the help of pumps.

As for the catch rates, wetfish boats are capable of holding up to 120 tonnes of fish instead of 15-18 tonnes traditional for small trawlers.

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