It's 'In the Bag' with great new microwaveable dishes

April 29, 2010 15:19

Young's, the nation's favourite fish brand, is launching a new range of innovative, microwaveable fish meals. The ‘It's in the Bag' range includes two headline recipes; Salmon Pasta and Seafood Paella, reports with reference to Young's.

The Salmon Pasta is made with Atlantic Salmon in a creamy cheese sauce with succulent garden peas and penne pasta. The Seafood Paella uses the classic combination of prawns, Alaskan Pollock, and chorizo sausage in a spicy sauce with red peppers, peas, rice and a touch of smoked paprika.

Both recipes are microwavable from frozen in just seven minutes. Packed in a specially designed bag, the meals are gently steamed to ensure that the flavour and nutrients of the fish and other ingredients are locked-in and not lost during the cooking process.

An ideal mid-week meal option, It's in the Bag targets those consumers in search of a quick and easy dish that does not compromise on taste or nutrition. The specialised packaging not only seals-in taste but also ensures the fish is cooked perfectly every time, giving consumers the confidence to love fish and eat it more regularly.

Commenting on the launch, Yvonne Adam, Marketing Director for Young's Seafood, said: "The concept of ‘It's in the Bag' is simple. The range offers healthy, nutritious recipes that are packed-full of delicious, inspiring flavours yet only take seven minutes to cook by popping in the microwave.

"Quick and simple to prepare and great-tasting, we envisage the new range will get more consumers buying into the frozen fish category. The classic new recipes will make it easier and more appealing for people to love fish and eat it twice-a-week, which is the recommended dietary intake as well as our mantra at Young's."

Young's Its in the Bag range is available now in 340g packs, £2.00 rrp.

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