Invitation to submit research proposals

June 2, 2010 09:32

The Marine Stewardship Council is seeking detailed proposals from qualified researchers to investigate the environmental impacts of MSC's third party certification program, based on the first 10 years of MSC's operations, reports with reference to MSC.

MSC was founded to recognize and reward the world's best managed fisheries and sustainable fishing practices and by so doing, create a market incentive for other fisheries to improve their practices. This research is expected to measure specific improvements in fisheries management and practice, reduced environmental impacts and more precautionary approaches that have been delivered as a result of engagement with the MSC program, both before a fishery enters formal full assessment, and/or resulting from the certification process, including the development, formation and delivery of action plans attached to certifications.
Terms of reference

The terms of reference contains the details on the core objectives of the study, results expected and what the proposals should include.

Download the terms of reference (PDF, 396kb)

Proposals are due by midnight GMT on June 18th. 
Further information

If you have any questions, please contact:
Brad Ack
Director, Special Projects

Phone: +00 1 360/539-7349
Mobile: +00 1 206/484-1078

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