Interatlantic Сompany launches new marinated fish products under Sea Dragon brand

March 22, 2007 14:40
драконInteratlantic company, major operation in Russian's Ural region, has launched a new label of Sea Dragon, covering shrimp, mussel, octopus and cuttlefish cocktails with lemon, basil, celery, fruit pieces in different marinades.

More specifically the range of Sea Dragon-labeled products includes:

  • mussels in oil with a light smoke flavor;
  • squids in oil with a light smoke flavor;
  • cuttlefishes in marinade;
  • seafood cocktail in oil with a light smoke flavor;
  • seafood cocktail in marinade;
  • squid rings in marinade with herbs (spiced brine);
  • squid rings in brine;
  • cocktail shrimps in brine;
  • tiger shrimps in oil with dill;
  • tiger shrimps in brine;
  • octopus in oil with a light smoke flavor;
  • octopus in brine.

About company

Мидии_интератлантикInteratlantic Company is a large producer of salted, smoked, dried fish as well as a supplier of fresh frozen fish and shellfish/molluscs to the consumer market of Ural's region. The company claims leading positions in finished seafood sales in the Urals region.

At present Interatlantic Company has achieved a complete production cycle ranging from purchasing raw material and production through to sales and delivery of fresh frozen fish and finished products to its customers.

Besides, the four registered trademarks of the company, such as Morskaya Kollektsia (Marine Collection), Salmo, Rybachok and Aqualis, are already well-known on the local market.

Morskaya Kollektsia

Morskaya Kollektsia (Marine Collection) includes 14 items of marinated preserves, containing herring, skinned and boned, in various marinades (oil, mayonnaise and vinegar-oil). The products are vacuum packed in layers in 200gr containers. Each item has its own number.

Morskaya Kollektsia XL represents delicatessen herring fillet with oil, hot pepper, fragrant herbs and spices.

Marine Collection also covers a variety of laminaria salads with salmon, crab sticks, pineapples, prunes, paprika and hot pepper, carrot and white cabbage.


Salmo is a label for high quality salmon and trout.


Under TM Rybachok the company sells herring and mackerel (lightly salted, spiced salted, cold or hot smoking), which are vacuum packed in whole form (non-cut).


Under TM Aqualis the firm produces trout, mackerel and pink salmon's pieces (skinned and boned) in jelly with fragrant spices.


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