Vladivostok Fishermen Congress - Agenda

August 18, 2011 16:31

The 6th Fishermen Congress will be concentrated on Aquaculture, Responsible Fishing and Food security.  Those problems will be discussed at round tables at the Congress, which will take place on September, 6‑7 in Vladivostok.  The major theme for the event will be "Fishery modernization - targets, conditions, moving force", according to http://www.megafishnet.com/.

The general idea of the Congress organizers is to find ways of improving relations between all stakeholders in fish industry - starting from boat, and to retail. 

Rosrybolovstvo (Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency) proposed to discuss problems of aquaculture (particularly - mariculture) development at Russian Far East.  Interested parties will have a great chance to input into a new Aquaculture Law.  Responsible fishery will be the theme for another round table, and food security - for the third.

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