Two Norwegian companies opened subsidiaries in Russia to get access to booming shipbuilding

March 15, 2019 09:26

Producer of onboard equipment BJØRDAL and naval architects Skipskompetanse, both based in Norway, have recently opened subsidiaries in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in order to get ready for new orders from local companies willing to participate in the national program on investment quotas. The government program stipulates allocation of extra capture quotas in return for obligation to build new fishing vessels and processing plants inside Russia.

So far it is not required that the ship design and onboard equipment should come from domestic producers as well, but the Norwegians wish to be ready for such turn. With the Russian staff of about 100 people and a portfolio of customers they are going to have a niche on the Russian market.

Bjørdal has been working in Russia since 1997. The first three seiner trawlers designed by Skipskompetanse will soon slide down the ways in Kaliningrad and go to Kamchatka. The ships were constructed by Yantar shipyard under the Norwegian project ordered by Imeni Lenina fishing co-op based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. The contract was signed in 2015.


PE BJØRDAL is a Norwegian industry company that during the last decades has delivered own products and services for fishery, aquaculture and sea- farming, power industry as well as construction projects.

Skipskompetanse is an engineering company with its main focus on ship design and engineering.

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