Two fish processing plants to be built in Karelia

March 11, 2019 08:58

Construction of two fish processing plants has taken off in Kondopoga, Karelia. In the future these two factories will become a substructure for a single fish centre of Russia’s Northwest, reports (welcome to our new marketplace

Now the first stage of construction work has been launched and by summer 2019 constructors are to start interior works and then install German equipment.

The total investments into the project are estimated at RUR1.8 billion (24.19 million Euro). Each plant will have the daily capacity of 50 tonnes of cod and haddock fillets. The raw fish (e.g. frozen headed cod/haddock) harvested in the Barents Sea will be shipped directly to the factories for immediate processing into fillets, steaks and other value added products.

The two factories are being built under the government program on investment quotas – capture quotas linked to obligation to build processing facilities inside Russia. Therefore, every construction stage has to be monitored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Federal Agency for Fishery. Capture quotas have been reserved already and the first fish can be caught in the Barents Sea only after putting the plants into operation - on January 1, 2021 at the earliest.

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