The X Fishery Congress will collect in Primorye the representatives of fishery society from all over the world

August 21, 2015 12:41

The geography of participants of X International Fishery Congress which will be held in Vladivostok on August 26-27 is significantly exceeded. Over 400 applications for participation had been received, when the quota is 300 persons.

The Department of Fishery and Aquatic Biological Resources informed that the main theme of the future Congress will be “State regulation of aquatic biological resources using: experience, problems and improvement ways”.

In the course of the Congress also will be conducted round tables on the following themes: “Using of aquatic biological resources: economic, ecological and social aspects” and “Free-Port Vladivostok – new perspective of the fishery industry”.

The theme is deliberate. More than a year it is discussed on the federal venues of different level. There are not only matters connected with catch quota distribution but also problems connected with further using of these raw products. What are the rules, what interaction between the state and business should be saved or be modernized before 2018? You know that there are signed agreements on distribution of quotas parts in the framework of 106 Federal Law and using of aquatic biological resources preforms in its boundaries. Those agreements will expire in 2018” – the Deputy Director of the Department informed.

The most numerous delegations will present Far Eastern regions – Primorsky and Kamchatsky Territories, Sakhalin and Magadan regions. Also will come delegations from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Astakhan’, Kaliningrad and the Republic of Dagestan.

In spite of the fact that the theme of the Congress is only inter-industrial and connected with only Russian fishery industry, it attracts the great interest of foreign “fishers”. The participation in the Congress has been confirmed by fishers from Germany, Denmark, Canada, China, Netherlands, Norway, the USA and Japan. Participants from the Republic of Korea and the DPRK announced their intention.

Remind that on September 3-5 in Vladivostok will be held the Eastern Economic Forum where will be also discussed fishery and mariculture issues.

Alexander Vaskov, the Chairman of the Public Expert Council on Fishery under the Governor of the Primorsky Territory noted that two events won’t duplicate each other.

“The Congress will attract fishers which will discuss problems of the fishery industry. And the Forum will collect investors which will discuss the development of the industry” – he stressed.

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