Talks between Rosselkhoznadzor and Alvaro Perez Vega, Mexican Commissioner of Sanitary Operations

May 20, 2014 14:13

The talks took place on May 20, 2014 in Moscow upon the initiative of the Mexican party and were devoted to the discussion of sea products export from the establishments interested in exports into the territory of the Customs Union. Mexican Ambassador to the Russian Federation Rubén Beltrán Guerrero also took part in the meeting.

In the course of the talks Alvaro Perez Vega informed the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives about the tasks set before the Mexican Sanitary Service. In particular this Competent Authority is responsible for the certification of plants producing food products including those destined for the export. In this context special attention is given to the compliance with the requirements of the importing country. Besides it was noted that the Mexican Government is interested in new markets including especially important market of the Customs Union for the trade in sea products. Every year Mexico exports 45 thousand tons of sea products to the European Union countries and to Costa Rica, China, Guatemala, Salvador, Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The Rosselkhoznadzor noted that the Customs Union legislation is in force in the territory of the Russian Federation and this legislation implies several procedures for import of products from the third countries. The procedures include the evaluation of control system of the country and inspection of establishments for their compliance with the Customs Union requirements in agreement with the colleagues from the Kazakhstani and Belarusian Veterinary Services.

In the course of the talks the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives gave the Mexican party the list of questions to be answered in order to start the consideration of sea product export to the Customs Union. The questionnaire covers the questions about the structure and organization of the Veterinary Service, veterinary legislation and laboratory control in the country. When the official reply from the Mexican Veterinary Service is received the parties will move on to the next step of the procedure.

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