Shanghai luring Russian fishermen to jointly develop the Chinese market

December 17, 2020 09:54

Shanghai businesses are keen to switch Russian fish export flows to this world’s largest sea port. This message was probably central in the address of the Executive Secretary of the International Trade Department of the Chinese Fishing Industry Association, Lin Yushun, during the online business mission of Russian fish producers, reports

The products of Russian fishing companies are "widely welcomed" in the Chinese market, which is interested in expanding cooperation with the Russian Federation in this area, said the speaker quoted by TASS.

Most of the Chinese companies that participated in the video conference are registered in Shanghai. In this regard, Lin Yushun drew attention to the advantages of this port for Russian exporters. "It is important to note, especially at the present time, that in Shanghai the customs clearance process is completed within 24 hours, which is much faster in comparison with other ports of the People's Republic of China," he stated.

The International Trade Branch of the Chinese Fishing Industry Association, Lin Yushun said, was established to help Chinese and international fisheries enterprises expand China's consumer market. "We are creating a platform for cooperation and exchange between Chinese and international fishing industry enterprises, buyers and service providers, and will assist international producers in entering the Chinese market."

From the Russian side five companies and two associations of the fishing industry took part in the presentation. From the Chinese side, 37 companies joined the event, mostly from Shanghai.

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