Seventh factory trawler laid for NOREBO Group at Northern shipyard

November 26, 2020 15:42

On November 19, 2020 the seventh freezer processor-trawler of design 170701, Kapitan Pyashchikov, was laid at the Northern shipyard in St Petersburg, according to the yard.

The vessel will join the fleet of JSC BLUF (part of the NOREBO Group) operating in the Russian Far East, reports

According to Norebo, “Kapitan Pyashchikov” is the seventh vessel of the 170701 design and the first to be built for harvesting and processing fish in the Far Eastern basin (the previous six trawlers are designed to operate in the North Atlantic). She will harvest herring, pollock, and other commercially harvested species. The design capacity of the vessel will allow to catch up to 230 tons of fish per day.

The design 170701 series of fishing trawlers-processors for unlimited sea navigation for the NOREBO Group consists of ten vessels. The design provides for waste-free processing of fish in open sea conditions thanks to a multifunctional fish factory installed on trawlers. The products of processor trawlers include chilled fish fillets, minced fish, roe, liver, and fish meal.

Pavel Kosolapov, technical Director of the NOREBO Group, noted that the design and working design documentation were developed by Russia-based naval architects Nautic Rus. The experience will allow Russian designers, engineers and technologists to acquire important skills that will certainly help the domestic shipbuilding industry reach a new quality level.

Kapitan Pyashchikov to be followed by three more newbuilding trawlers of this design will further boost the fishing capacity in Kamchatka where another company Lenin Fishing Co-op is already operating three new Russian-built RSW seiners landing first-class raw materials to onshore processing plants.

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