Seafood export talks between Russia and Egypt

November 29, 2020 14:17

Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and the Ministry of agriculture and land reclamation of the Arab Republic of Egypt have conducted video negotiations on mutual exports of seafood and milk products, reports

The Russian counterpart expressed its gratitude for granting the right to export products to Egypt to eight Russian fish and seafood producers and two dairy companies.

It was noted that for the start of deliveries of controlled goods, the parties must agree on veterinary certificates. Rosselkhoznadzor sent a draft of such document for the export of fish and seafood back in April 2020, but the Egyptian side is still to send the consent, the Russian vet watchdog complained in an official release.

Representatives of the Ministry of agriculture and land reclamation of the Republic asked the Russians to send the certificate again and promised to respond promptly.

The Russian side, guided by the requirements for the import of dairy products sent by the Egyptian Department, also prepared a draft of the corresponding vet document in November. The Egyptian colleagues are currently studying it, said Rosselkhoznadzor.

On its part, the Ministry of agriculture and land reclamation of Egypt raised the issue of the possibility of exporting fish to Russia. Rosselkhoznadzor previously sent requirements to the Egyptian side for the supply of fish to the Russian Federation and samples of veterinary certificates for entry of fish into Russia. The Service also asked Egypt to send samples of documents with degrees of protection, which will be sent to checkpoints on the state border of the Russian Federation. After that, Egypt will be able to supply fish products from approved establishments to Russia accompanied by vet certificates.

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