Scientific and Practical Cooperation between FGBI VNIIKR and University of Belgrade

April 29, 2016 10:31

Milka Glavendekic, Professor of the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Forestry), visited FGBI «BNIIKR» within international scientific cooperation on April 22, 2016. Ms Glavendekic is an EPPO nominated expert for the Republic of Serbia, reports with Rosselkhoznadzor.

In the course of the meeting the specialists of the FGBI «VNIIKR» listened to the presentation on climatic conditions and foreign organisms in Serbia.

Due to global warming many Mediterranean quarantined pests have expanded their habitats towards the continental Europe and are detected in Serbia from time to time.

Professor Glavendkevic reported about 18 insect species harmful for trees and shrubs detected for the first time in Serbia. Such species as Thaumetopoea processionea, Thaumetopoea pytiocampa (procession moths) are able to induce allergic reactions in humans and warm-blooded animals.

Some of the species specified by Milka Glavendekic may pose phytosanitary risk for woody plants in the Russian Federation, especially in the southern regions, that’s why in order to prevent their introduction and spread it is reasonable to make a phytosanitary risk analysis.

Scientific and practical cooperation between the FGBI «VNIIKR» specialists and University of Belgrade is one of the trends of the Rosselkhoznadzor international activity targeted at phytosanitary safety assurance.

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