Sakhalin to invest more than 15 billion rubles in fish hatcheries and fish processing plants

June 17, 2021 09:04

In the coming years, Sakhalin’s fishery industry is going to implement 14 processing and ranching projects with a total investment value of more than 15 billion rubles (ca. $210 million), reports

According to the region’s governor Valery Limarenko quoted by Interfax, the capacity of fish processing enterprises is going to increase to 1 million tons per year, as a result.

In particular, in the Southern Kuril Islands, the Yuzhno-Kurilsky Fish Processing Combine will build a factory for deep processing of almost 1.3 thousand metric tons of raw fish per day and a cold store for one-time storage of up to 10 thousand tons of frozen products. The volume of investments into the facility is expected to exceed 5 billion rubles (ca. $70 million).

Also in the Southern Kuril Islands, the combine is going to build a workshop for the production of fish meal and fish oil.

Kurilsky Rybak CJSC will build a salmon hatchery on Sopochnoye Lake (Iturup) while Tunaicha LLC is also planning to construct a fish hatchery on the Komissarovka River.

It is also planned to build marine culture farms in the Busse lagoon in the south of Sakhalin.

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