Russia's national anti-IUU fishing plan rejected

August 18, 2011 16:34

Fishing Industry development Commission of the Government of Russian Federation decided to continue work at Plan of IUU fishery fighting.  It was decided at the meeting on August, 9 under guidance of First deputy prime-minister of Russia Victor Zubkov.  This is reported by to referring to "Rybatskaya Gazeta".

The Plan draft was developed by Russian Federal Fisheries Agency and was not accepted by many Russian fishermen.  The most criticized elements of the Plan were bail for possible violations of Fishing Regulations, prohibition of vessel class approval by Register overseas, removal of vessels that not entered a Russian port for two years from the Shipping Register, new attempts of lobbying for mandatory exportation of seafood via a fish exchange.

It was decided that the plan was absurd and not worth improving.  It would be better to start the procedure from scratch which would be collection of proposals from stakeholders.

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