Russian scientists developed a method of obtaining an antiseptic from fish oils

November 30, 2018 09:35

Scientists of the School of Biomedicine of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have developed an effective method of obtaining an antiseptic from fish oils. This new patented remedy can be used for treatment of skin and mucosae diseases caused by bacteria, microscopic fungi and protozoa. In their studies the scientists have used fish oil from such commercial Pacific fish as Japanese pilchard, saury, herring, Alaska pollock and others, according to the FEFU.

The researchers of the FEFU’s School of Biomedicine say it is important to keep on searching and obtaining antiseptic drugs of a broad spectrum of action because pathogens gradually develop defense mechanisms to existing drugs, which reduces the effectiveness of antimicrobial therapy. The authors of the development note that the production of the new antiseptic is technologically simple and cost-effective, and the final product is a clear aqueous solution of a light yellow color with a specific, slightly perceptible smell of fish oil.

The experiments have disclosed that after 10-15 days the aqueous phase, based on the incubation mixture mostly made from normal saline and Pacific fish oil, acquires high antimicrobial activity. The rate of accumulation and the level of antimicrobial activity depends on the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the original fish oil.

At the same time, FEFU scientists have shown that adding polyvalent metals — copper, iron, chromium, nickel — to the mixture increases the rate of accumulation and the capacity of antimicrobial activity. This feature has become the subject of a patent for a method of obtaining an antiseptic. In the near future the researches will conduct preclinical and clinical trials for further use of the new antiseptic in practical medicine.

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