Russian government approves quotas for foreign labour recruitment in 2021

November 28, 2020 14:03

The Russian federal government has determined Russia's need for foreign workers for 2021 in the amount of 101 871 persons. In the same quantity quotas were approved for work permits and invitations to foreigners to enter for the purpose of employment. The quota for the fishery sector and aquaculture is included in the total, according to

The total number of employees to be attracted is divided into professional qualification groups.

According to the Annex, the need for" qualified workers in commodity agricultural production, forestry, hunting, fish farming and fishery operations with a market orientation " amounts to 1423 people. According to the quota for this year, this group stands at 2922 individuals marking a year-on-year considerable reduction.

The corresponding decree No. 1902 of the government of the Russian Federation was signed on November 23, 2020.

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