Russian fishery science recommending TACs 2020 at 3 million MT

March 21, 2019 16:46

Russian fishery scientists have worked out recommendations for the nation’s TACs in 2020 at 3 million metric tons.

The TAC of Alaska Pollock as the major commercial species for the Russian fishermen should be increased by 24,000 tonnes to 1.833 mln tonnes, the rise to be mostly attributed to the Sea of Okhotsk. Besides, APO can be included to the list of non-TAC regulated species in the new area of the Chukchi Sea.

The cod TAC in the Russian Far East Fishery Basin can be raised by 7,450 tonnes to 185,700 tonnes. The Pacific herring TAC will be also increased, namely by 74,500 tonnes to 356,400 tonnes mostly due to higher TAC in the North Okhotsk subzone, as well as due to the herring’s entering the list of TAC-regulated species in the West Kamchatka subzone.

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